Professional Slate Roofing Contractor in Indianapolis

For professional residential slate roofing installation in Indianapolis, look no further than R & R Roofing. We’ll supply you with a long-lasting, weather-tight roof that can last a lifetime. In fact, a slate roof has been known to endure for decades without noticeable wear. Typically, tile and slate requires little maintenance and has a proven track record for dependability.

Reasons to Consider Slate

Our experienced slate tile roofing contractors can install a quality slate roof that’s resistant to inclement whether and comes in a variety of colors. Every slate piece has its own unique characteristics and subtle texture variations to create an attractive finish to your home’s appearance. Design and construction options including size and thickness can all be modified to your specifications and preferences.

Slate is a low-absorbent stone that’s resistant to breakage or water damage. It’s also naturally fireproof and a superior electrical insulator. The pros of R & R Roofing are recognized in the community for quality, reliable service whether you need a roof replacement, emergency roof repairs or maintenance work. Let us assist you in choosing a slate roof design and style that perfectly complements your property.